Elizabeth & Jim: A Formal Wedding in Fort Worth, TX

When Elizabeth Von Der Ahe was looking for a date for a basketball game, a friend of hers suggested she call Jim Autenreith, who’d asked for her number a couple weeks before. Elizabeth thought that seemed “too desperate,” so her friend called Jim pretending that the tickets were hers and she wanted to set Jim up with “a friend.” By the end of the evening, Elizabeth had confessed her secret -- “Jim thought it was cute, and the rest is history,” she says. The Bride Elizabeth Von Der Ahe, 27, wine sales The Groom James (Jim) Autenreith, 28,commercial real estate broker The Date January 27 Three-and-a-half years later, Elizabeth and Jim had planned a trip to Grand Cayman. Just before they left, Jim presented her with fishing gear to use on their trip, and in the tackle box she found a ring.