Elizabeth & Owen: A Traditional Wedding in Belle Mead, NJ

When Elizabeth met Owen she thought he was too good to be true. They met at a mutual friend's birthday party in the West Village and hit it off immediately. Although they spent the whole night talking and laughing, Elizabeth couldn't help looking for the catch. Owen overcame her doubts by following up the evening with a sweet email asking for a first date, where he took her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Bride Elizabeth Brown, 27, public relations associate The Groom Owen Stadele, 33, organ builder The Date June 9 After dating for three months, Owen came over one night with a catnip mouse for her cat, Pony, and an engagement ring for Elizabeth. Seeing as he had already won both of them over, Elizabeth happily accepted. They were married in a small, 175- year old church and held the reception at Owen's parents' horse farm. Even the horses were decked out for the occasion with braided manes.