Marble Geometric Cake with Eucalyptus

Naked Cake Topped with Roses and Chrysanthemums

Eucalyptus-Accented Naked Cake on Gold Stand

Buttercream Cake Featuring Ranunculus, Amaranthus and Eucalyptus

Buttercream Wedding Cake With Coral Roses

The Cakery Bakery Round Buttercream Cake

Naked Cake with Eucalyptus and a Tassel Topper

Naturalistic Wedding Cake, Gold and Ivory

Whimsical Eucalyptus Dessert Table Wreath

Tiered Buttercream Cake with Eucalyptus

Colorful, Tropical DIY Wedding Cake

Textured One-Tier Wedding Cake

Tiered Buttercream Cake with Eucalyptus

Romantic White Buttercream Cake with Roses

Simple and Elegant Naked Cake

White Wedding Cake With Roses and Eucalyptus