Fern, Wedding Decorations & Accents

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Gold Sweetheart Table, Lush Flower Centerpiece

White Rose and Peony Centerpiece

Flower Centerpiece With Fern Accents

Cedar Pillar and Votive Centerpieces

Lush Green Centerpieces on Wooden Board

Green and White Centerpiece with Ferns and Hydrangeas

Ivory and Green Gold Vase Centerpiece

Ornate, Overgrown Garden-Inspired Head Table Decor

Birch Huppah with Cascading Vine and Berry Arrangements

Whimsical Floral Garland and Book Tablescapes

Hydrangea and Rose Aisle Decoration

Peach-Filled Floral Arrangement Aisle Decor

Lush Fern and Hydrangea Chandelier Decor

Card Table with Green Flower Arrangement

Rose, Spider Chrysanthemum and Fern Centerpiece

Fern and White Flower Centerpieces

Rustic Flower Arrangement Aisle Decor

Tall Peach-Filled Floral Arrangement Centerpieces

Wooden Wine Barrel, Natural Flower Decor

Cascading Lily, Orchid and Ivy Arrangements

Green Fern Aisle Decoration

Fern Wedding Favors in Small Vases

Green Fern Lamp Chandelier Decor