Festive New Years Eve Wedding at Cruiseport Gloucester in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Julie Paice (31, HR professional) and Ricky Savoy (32, restaurant manager) aren't completely certain how they met. After all, it was more than 12 years ago! "We always laugh when people ask us where we met. We wish we had a more exciting story, but we think we met through mutual friends," says Julie. "We actually started dating by accident. We had a big dinner planned with a group of friends, and one by one everybody cancelled, except for us. We decided to go anyways just as 'friends', but it really ended up being our first date." After more than 10 years together, Ricky surprised her by pulling out an engagement ring in the middle of Wollman Rink in Central Park. "Then we skated a victory lap while fellow skaters cheered and congratulated us," recalls Julie. Continuing their history of winter romance, they decided on a New Years Eve bash for their long-awaited nuptials. Julie and Ricky chose a festive color palette of gold, champagne and ivory to warm up the winter night, which ended with a surprise confetti cannon—obviously!