First Look

Photos in

Offset Black-and-White Tuxedos With Classic Background for Two Grooms

Bride in Fitted Gown With Floral Appliqués and Lace Detailing, Groom in Classic Tuxedo

Bride in Wedding Dress With Plunging Neckline and Groom in Light Gray Suit at Country Wedding

Bride in Fitted Gown With Sheer Cape and Groom in Military "Mess Dress" Walking

Groom in Green Suit Jacket and Groom in White Tuxedo Jacket Laugh

Bride and Groom in Classic Attire Embracing at Tuscany Wedding

Bride and Groom in Light Color Attire Embrace in a Wildflower Field on Mountain

Bride With White and Lavender Bouquet and Groom in Gray Tuxedo at Vineyard

Brides in Different, Alternative Wedding Outfits Kissing Surrounded by Bridesmaids in Black Dresses

Grooms in Black-and-White Tuxedos Kiss in the Street in San Francisco

Bride in a Minidress and Groom in Checkered Suit With Champagne in Hotel Suite

Bride Taps Her Bride on the Shoulder During First Look in Industrial Space With Greenery

Bride and Groom in Formal Attire on a Boat on Lake Como at Destination Wedding

Bride and Groom Hold Hands Without Looking at First Look in Historic Location

A Couple in Formal Wedding Attire and Boots Hike Through Rocky Mountains

Bride in Long Veil and Groom in Navy, Floral Suit Jacket Pose With Pink Flowers

Two Grooms in Different Tuxedos Snuggle Their Dogs Overlooking San Francisco

Bride With Curtain Bangs and Puff Sleeves Hugs Groom in Blue Suit

Bride in Dark Blue Suit and Bride in Lace Wedding Dress and Crown, Forehead-to-Forehead

Groom in White Tuxedo Jacket Takes Photo of Groom in Green Suit Jacket

Bride With Slick Updo and Groom in Detail Black Jacket Embrace

Two Brides in Different White Outfits Embracing With Big Smiles

Bride in Off-the-Shoulder Dress and Groom in Navy Suit Pose Amid Ranch Greenery