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Couple Jumping and Holding Hands During Reception at The Line Hotel in Washington, DC

Couple Portraits at Eolia Mansion in Waterford, Connecticut

Newlywed Couple at PAIKKA in St. Paul, Minnesota

Couple Holds Hands Before First Look at Anderson House in Washington, D.C.

Emotional First Look at Wedding in Yountville, California

First Touch at Post Oak Hotel at Uptown in Houston, Texas

First Touch at O’Donnell House Wedding in Sumter, South Carolina

Groom Reacts to First Look in Brooklyn, New York

Bridal Party First Look With Bridesmaids in Blue Dresses

Alternative First Look at The Old Homestead in Crockett, California

First Look During Elopement at UC Berkeley

Couple Portraits at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Connecticut

Bride and Groom Portraits for Wedding in Yountville, California

First Touch at Houston, Texas, Wedding

Brooklyn Couples Shares First Look with Skyline Views

Couple Shares a First Touch Ahead of Fort Worth, Texas Wedding

First Look at The Farmhouse in Montgomery, Texas

First Look at Finca Es Cabas in Mallorca, Spain

First Look at Pippin Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia

First Look at Wedding in Yountville, California

Tearful First Look at The Vault in Tampa, Florida

Bride and Groom Exchange Love Letters at North Carolina Wedding at The Merrimon-Wynne House

Couple Shares Pre-Ceremony Private Moment