Inside One Couple's Flower-Packed Industrial-Meets-Whimsical Wedding at Brooklyn Winery in Brooklyn, New York

In the summer of 2017, amidst the grit and sweat of an outdoor boxing class, Alexandra Woo’s life took an unexpected turn. Cyrus Balanlayos’ “friendly

In the summer of 2017, amidst the grit and sweat of an outdoor boxing class, Alexandra Woo’s life took an unexpected turn. Cyrus Balanlayos’ “friendly nature and beautiful smile” captivated her. Their connection swiftly moved beyond the boxing gloves and into the realm of undeniable chemistry. By 2018, after moments shared and memories made, Alexandra found herself seeking clarity on the nature of their bond. She asked Cyrus, “Do you like me? Are we dating or not? Because I don’t need more friends.” It was this straightforward question that solidified their relationship into an official one. As time passed, their love only deepened, leading Alexandra to confront the future head-on. “I essentially gave an ultimatum... propose by the end of summer (of 2021) or forget it.” Little did she know, Cyrus had plans that would exceed her expectations. It was Father’s Day weekend when a series of subtle hints began to unfold—a new dress suggested by her sister, a persistent mention of a bookstore visit. Alexandra recalls, “I should have known that was a sign... but I didn’t.”

The day led them to McNally bookstore, a place of significant sentimental value, as “McNally was where we used to hang out before we even started dating, and it was such a special place for us.” It was here that Cyrus had orchestrated a moment they would never forget. Alexandra, descending the bookstore stairs, missed the initial clue—a series of photos of the couple adorning the shelves. Upon seeing a photo of themselves, she gasped, “Oh my god, that’s me.” In that instant, realization dawned upon her: Cyrus was about to propose. Surrounded by the familiarity of books and the warmth of their shared memories, Cyrus got down on one knee, marking the beginning of their new chapter together.

Planning their wedding, they envisioned a celebration that would be a beautiful confluence of their love, family values and cultural heritage. With no grand blueprint at the outset, their wedding vision gradually took shape, guided by their hearts and the things they held dear. “A major focal point in our wedding was family and friends,” the bride details, highlighting the essence of what they aimed to achieve—a celebration rooted in love and kinship.

As they delved into the nuances of wedding planning, their theme organically emerged as an intimate, heartfelt nod to their Korean and Filipino cultures, beautifully intertwined with modern aesthetics. They chose Brooklyn Winery as their venue, a space that resonated with rustic charm and contemporary elegance. This choice was symbolic, reflecting their journey together—grounded yet evolving. Fashion choices for their special day were approached with equal consideration and sentiment. Alex’s quest for the perfect dress led her to a stunning strapless gown by Suzanne Neville, which she adorned with a cascading pearl veil and cherished familial accessories. Cyrus, embracing timeless elegance, opted for a bespoke black tuxedo, a sartorial choice that epitomized classic charm.

The wedding day dawned with palpable anticipation as guests gathered at the Brooklyn Winery. The venue was awash in soft hues of white, greens and pinks. As the ceremony unfolded, the couple’s dedication to incorporating their cultural traditions shone brightly. The lighting of a candle, the placing of a veil and cord and the exchange of coins were poignant moments that spoke volumes of their respect for their heritages.

Following the emotional ceremony, guests transitioned to a cocktail hour that served as a prelude to the evening’s festivities. The intimate gathering space allowed for heartfelt exchanges and laughter, setting the tone for the reception that lay ahead. The reception itself was a perfect blend of elegance, personal touches and a celebration of love. From the DIYed welcome table and seating chart to the luscious floral arrangements that adorned the space, every detail was a reflection of the newlyweds’ meticulous planning and heartfelt dedication.

As the evening progressed, the couple shared their first dance, a choreographed piece that brought everyone to their feet, igniting a night of jubilation. Yet, amidst the revelry, moments of tender reflection were woven throughout, honoring loved ones in heartfelt ways and ensuring that Alex’s father’s memory was ever-present and cherished.

In the aftermath of their beautiful day, the bride and groom shared words of wisdom for couples embarking on their wedding planning journey. “Create a checklist of items you think you need to get done... Having open communication and talking through planning often really helped us stay on track,” Alex advises, underscoring the importance of teamwork and open dialogue. 

Groom in Suit and Bride in A-Line Gown, Bright Graffiti Wall, Groovy Colors
Modern Invitation Suite in Shades of Green and White, Wedding and Engagement Rings
Bride in Half-Up Hairstyle Laughing With Bridesmaids in Varying Green Dresses
Bride in A-Line Gown and White and Ivory Bouquet With Long Veil With Pearls
Black-and-White Photo of Groom Doing His Tuxedo's Cuffs
Bride in Sweetheart A-Line Gown With Mom in Black Illusion Gown
Groom in Tuxedo Waiting for Bride in A-Line Gown for First Look
Bride Holding Bouquet of White and Ivory Flowers With Greenery
Bride With Family Member in Traditional Korean Hanbok With Lush Flowers
Asymmetrical Floral Ceremony Arch Against Ivy-Laden Exposed Brick Wall
Mothers of the Bride and Groom Performing Cord Ceremony Over Couple
Bride and Grooms' Mothers Performing a Veil Ceremony at the Floral Altar
Couple at Blush, Floral Altar With Cord Around Them During Ceremony
A bride in an A-line gown and a long veil and a groom in a classic black tuxedo share their first kiss as a married couple in front of an asymmetrical ceremony arch with blush, peach and white flowers in an industrial winery space.
Sign at a Welcome Table With Wedding Favors  and Low Candles
Wine Tag Guest Book for Attendees to Sign at Winery Wedding
A romantic, dimly lit reception space in an industrial winery reception space with long tables featuring black linens with place settings with custom menus, low and tall candles and minimalistic blush centerpieces with lush greenery.
Gold-Rimmed Plates on Place Setting With Custom Menu and Cri-Cut Name
Bride and Groom Doing a Dip During First Dance in Warehouse in Winery
Guests Cheer and Clap From Seats at Long Tables With Candles, Greenery
Place Setting With Custom Menu, Low Minimalistic Blush Centerpieces
A three-tier white wedding cake with a beautiful and artful design of edges on a table with tall candles surrounded by asymmetrical blush, pink and white floral ceremony arches.