Formal Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Though their parents had been life-long friends, Emily and Neil did not meet until a Christmas Eve event in 2005. “I guess it was meant to be,” says Emily. The two hit it off and dated for nearly two-and-a-half years before Neil asked Emily to be his wife. The Bride Emily Stein, 25, registered dietician The Groom Neil Halpern, 29, sales The Date January 10 The couple went out for sushi and came back to Neil’s house where the master bathroom was filled with candles and rose petals. It gets better! Emily felt like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City when Neil led her into a custom closet he had designed just for her! “He got down on one knee, in my new, exquisite closet, and asked me to marry him!” she says. Emily felt like she was in a dream and within five minutes of saying yes, her friends and family came over to celebrate. “Neil had planned a party that night, and everyone knew we were getting engaged except me,” says Emily.