Fruit, Wedding Bar & Drinks

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Simple, Unique Place Setting With Initials, Wax Seal and a Welcome Shot Drink on Glass Plate

Custom Invitations Made By Designer Bride for Casual, Bohemian Desert Wedding

Black Vodka and Black Raspberry Cocktails

Traditional Sofreh Aghd Ceremony Set-Up With Food, Wine and Religious Text

Cocktail Hour Bar With Colorful Signature Cocktails, Low Centerpiece, Mirror Sign

Refreshing Summer Cocktails With Citrus Slices and Ice

Signature Cocktails With Orange Slice and Lemon Shaving on Custom Cocktail Napkins

Unique, Transluscent Pearl Purse on Dining Table With Different Cocktails, Verdant Flowers

Groom in Suit Kissing Bride's Hand, Multi-Piece Outfit, Halter Top, Overskirt, Long Veil, Gold

Lemon-Shaped Bar Menu With Italian Drinks in Yellow and Blue at Rehearsal Dinner

Vintage Etched-Glass Escort Cards

Spring-Inspired Signature Cocktail Drinks

Bridesmaid Holding Refreshing Cocktail With a Fruit Garnish in a Jar

Colorful Cocktails With Lime Wedges and Custom, Personalized Foam Sleeves

Custom Cocktail Napkins and Drink With Fruit and Custom Stirrer With Couple's Dog

Bride in Robe With Oranges, Greenery Holding Champagne With Light Makeup

Bride in Full-Length White Dress, Groom in Blue Suit at Italian Rehearsal Dinner

Signature Moscow Mule Cocktails

Signature Drink Station

Tall Centerpiece With Yellow Flowers, Greenery and Candle Arrangement on Cocktail Bar

Guests Toasting With Colorful pastel Craft Cocktails With Fruit

Signature Cocktails With Fruit and a Custom Pale Blue Cocktail Napkin

Bride in Fitted Gown, Groom in Teal Suit Cutting Large Cake, Sparklers in Background