Georgina & Tripp: A Modern Wedding in Fort Worth, TX

Georgina didn't know that her marriage proposal would depend on the black lab puppy she had given Tripp for Christmas. The Bride Georgina Baker, 24, banker The Groom Tripp Austin, 25, CPA and banker The Date April 5 The dog, Hank, was young and untrained, but Tripp still entrusted him with carrying an engagement ring into the bedroom where Georgina was getting ready to go out to dinner. When Hank roamed around instead of walking toward Georgina, Tripp gave up and told Georgina to follow the dog and look at his collar. Georgina—who met Tripp in high school and started dating him in college—was thrilled to find the ring, but admits that getting Hank to sit still long enough to get it off of him was the hardest part of the proposal. I'm just glad Hank didn't eat the ring as a snack!