A Glam, Bohemian Wedding at The Sanctuary Event Space in Austin, Texas

Cyndi Nevin (30 and a project manager) and Ben Bean (28 and a software engineer) wanted to have a party, not a run-of-the-mill wedding reception. With a theme Cyndi called "snazzy bohemian," the couple did away with most of the traditional stuff (cake cutting, planned dances, bouquet toss) and instead tried to make everything about bringing their friends and families together and having a great time. When it came to decor, their vision involved lots of antique lace, heaps of neon pink (Cyndi's favorite color) and plenty of gold glitter. In the interest of budget (and their sanity), Cyndi and Ben skipped floral decor altogether—except for bouquets, boutonnieres and the bride's flower crown— and concentrated their efforts on lighting. "We spent months collecting clear glass containers of all sorts: drinking glasses, candleholders, vases, ashtrays," Cyndi says. "In the end we had about 700 pieces. We arranged the glass in clusters wherever we could put it, with votive candles in each piece." From Cyndi's custom blusher veil and her metallic gold belt, to the Dudeist "priest" who married them and the caricaturist, every detail of Cyndi and Ben's wedding day screamed individuality. —Meghan Overdeep