Vintage Couple Wearing Blue Suit, Sunglasses and Pink Leather Jacket

Vintage-Inspired Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

Couple in Glam Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Art-Deco-Inspired Champagne Servers

Tented Stage with Hanging Lights, Garlands and Gold Giraffes

Bride Wearing Tiara and Beaded Open-Back Wedding Dress

Bold Floral Backdrop and Signage

Blush, Black and Gray Wedding Party Attire

Vintage Striped Bow Tie and Greenery Boutonniere

Interfaith Couple in Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Couple in Traditional Indian Gold and Red Ceremony Attire

Classic, Vintage Couple at Southwind Hills in Goldsby, Oklahoma

Vintage Brown Suit Jacket

Red Cocktails in Vintage Glassware

Colorful Wedding Cake with Gold Foil, Flowers and Topper

Personalized Bohemian Invitations in Pastel Colors

Wedding Party in Traditional Indian Attire

Couple at Traditional Hindu Ceremony

Glamorous Suspended Tiered Cake with Art Deco Details

Bridesmaids in Colorful Mismatched Formal Gowns

Old Fashioned in Glamorous Gold Glass

Pink Shoes and Gold Wedding Jewelry

Glam Heels with Bead and Feather Embellishments