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Bridesmaids in Emerald Dresses for Fall Wedding

Grooms and Wedding Party During Wedding Reception at The Mountain Mermaid

Wedding Rings in Green Velvet Box

Rooftop Portraits at the Unique Space in Los Angeles, California

Colorful and Tropical Shoes at Backyard Minimony in Southern California

Bride in Emerald Dress for Wedding in St. Louis, Missouri

Bridesmaids in Emerald Green Dresses

Bride, Groom and Guests in Beach Attire

Engagement Ring in Monogrammed Green Velvet Ring Box

Flower Boy Wedding Attendant With Flower Crown and Cape

Groom in Emerald Velvet Tux for Wedding at Hidden Waters in Waxahachie, Texas

Family Wedding Portrait at Metropolist in Seattle, Washington

Bride with Neon Jacket at Wedding at the Unique Space in Los Angeles, California

Kumquat Boutonniere with Greenery and Leaves

Wedding Party in Emerald Green and Grey

Bridesmaid Dresses with Palm and Banana Leaf Print

Wedding Party in Burgundy Attire at Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs, California

Wedding Party Bouquets for Celebration at The River View at Occoquan in Lorton, Virginia

Bride with Neon Hair at the Unique Space in Los Angeles, California

Bridesmaids in Dark Emerald Dresses at Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding

Wedding Portraits with Bride in Emerald Dress

Bohemian Bridesmaids in Shades of Green

Monstera Leaf Bow Ties