Heather & Jason: An Eco-friendly Wedding in Manitou Springs, CO

Heather and Jason were high school sweethearts. Through the luck and grace of the seating chart, we were put within talking distance in sophomore history class, says Heather. The Bride Heather Gilland, 23, art history graduate student The Groom Jason Sellers, 24, U.S. Air Force officer The Date October 7 When she was a junior in college, Heather went to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Jason visited that December, and during his first night there, he insisted they climb up a steep hill to see the church of San Miniato al Monte. As the sun was setting and a few resident monks were beginning to sing their evening service, the twosome took in the gorgeous panoramic views of the church and the city. When Heather looked over at Jason, she saw him down on one knee.