Heather & Wari: A Traditional Wedding in Somerset, NJ

The night she met her future husband, Heather almost didn't leave the house. Her sorority sisters had to drag her to a fraternity party. When she saw Wari walk into the party, she immediately called dibs to her friends. Wari had the same initial reaction. After some orchestration by Heather's friends -- one of whom physically pushed Wari into Heather -- the two began dancing and talking, and the rest is history. The Bride Heather Davidson, 23, weight loss advisor The Groom Waribo (Wari) Amalaha, 24, real estate agent The Date December 9 For his proposal, Wari decided to do things the old-fashioned way, eventually working up enough courage to ask Heather's dad for permission to marry his daughter. Wari was enthusiastically welcomed into the family and the couple was soon married in an elegant ballroom ceremony.