Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Wedding in Fenton, Michigan

Soon after Allison and Matthew, met during college, they both left Michigan to study abroad for two months -- Allison to South America and Matt to Europe. Once they returned, they spent the summer making two-and-a-half-hour-long drives to and from each other’s houses before going back to school. Almost five years later, after college, Allison and Matt were dating long-distance again. The Bride Allison McCabe, 27, animal caretaker The Groom Matthew Koster, 28, business developer The Date September 6 When Matt arrived to visit Allison the day before Valentine’s Day, they exchanged gifts, and Matt handed Allison a small box. She was ready for a ring, but saw a pair of pearl earrings instead. While trying to hide her disappointment, she noticed a small, leather book at the bottom of the bag. Inside, Matt had written a poem about their relationship. The final line contained Matt’s proposal, and as Allison read it, Matt pulled out another box from his sweatshirt pocket.