Hilary & Jeff: An Outdoor Wedding in Saratoga, CA

A morning swimmer, Hilary, caught the eye of Jeff, who was relaxing with his co-worker at his apartment complex pool. They struck up a conversation, but Jeff had to run to a meeting. Luckily, Jeff's friend got her number for him. It wasn't long before Jeff and Hilary became a couple. The Bride Hilary McDaniel, 29, social studies and history teacher The Groom Jeff Armbrecht, 30, engineering director at a technology startup The Date August 10 Four years later, Jeff arranged for Hilary to get a day off from work to go to the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay. Hilary was suspicious, but when Jeff didn't pop the question during a walk on the beach, Hilary thought she was mistaken. The proposal came moments later on a trail back to the hotel.