Oyster Shuckers at Cocktail Hour

Roaming Cocktail Hour Oyster Shucker

Mini Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooters

Burger and Fries Appetizers

Old-Fashioned Treats

Breadstick Wall at Cocktail Hour

Vintage Vendor Tray with Assorted Desserts

Monogrammed Milk Cartons with Cookies

Modern Navy Jacket with Red and Blue Pocket Square

Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops

Fun, Colorful Drinks at Museum Reception

Bridesmaids in Flower Crowns and Fur Wraps

Pickle Bar

Traditional Jordan Almond Favors with Postcard Thank You Notes

Tented Reception Space Draped with Hanging Marigolds

Bohemian Eucalyptus Flower Crown

Star Trek–Themed Appetizers

Farm-to-Table Welcome Baskets

Eegee's Cocktail Hour

Fresh Vegetable Display

The Food

Groomsmen in Khakis

Whimsical Layered Organza Hayley Paige Ball Gown