Holly & Harry: A Glamorous Wedding in Orchard Lake, MI

Holly and Harry kicked off their wedding weekend with a fabulous Friday night party, and wound things up with a rockin' reception filled with Motown sounds. The Bride Holly McGovern The Groom Harry Maxon The Date June 5 Holly, a 28-year-old executive assistant, has a weakness for ice cream. So in early 1999, when her coworker Annie bet her a Dairy Queen Blizzard that she wouldn’t run the LA Marathon with her, Holly rose to the occasion -- but asked for the Blizzard upfront. “Then I had to follow through with what became a seven-month training program and a grueling 26.3 mile race,” Holly says with a laugh. All that hard work was not without perks, though. When Annie’s friend Mev decided to train with them, Holly found all the motivation she needed: Mev’s cute older brother, Harry Maxon, now a 35-year-old graduate student. They met at a 5K run in Santa Monica, and three days later he showed up at her office on her birthday with a few pints of Graeter’s (shipped from his hometown, Cincinnati), “the most delicious ice cream in the whole wide world,” says Holly. They began dating not long after, and four years later were planning a festive weekend wedding near Holly’s hometown in Michigan.