Holly & Trey: A Winter Wedding in Southaven, MS

Design-savvy bride Holly Cresswell created a warm, rollicking winter wedding with help from her groom, pro-baseball player Trey Lunsford. Together they treated friends and family to an evening overflowing with handmade details. The Bride Holly Allyson Cresswell, 26, graphic designer The Groom Trey Lunsford, 26, professional baseball player The Date December 3 Before Trey had to leave for spring training, he and Holly made plans to go out for a special dinner. Holly didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary, but Trey had privately made reservations at her favorite restaurant, bought a ring, and asked her parents and sister for their blessing. Trey brought the restaurant staff in on the surprise, too. The waiter came over and said he needed to set something down on our table for a minute, Holly remembers. It was a dozen red roses! The waiter then brought over an extra dessert plate -- bearing a beautiful ring box containing Holly's dream bauble.