Indian Weddings


Joy & Sateesh in Orlando, FL

Meagan & Vamsi in Chicago, IL

Deepa & Gregory in Chicago, IL

Aarati & Arun in Pittsburgh, PA

The Reception Decor

Traditional Red Lehngha

Traditional Wedding Decor

Traditional Baraat Procession

Bridal Jewelry and Henna Art

Harini & Andrew in Scottsdale, AZ

Shikha & Utpal in San Francisco, Northern CA

Archna & Ryan in Dublin, OH

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

At-Home Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Hindu Garland

Custom Indian Formalwear

Mohini & Vipal in Newport Beach, CA

Staci & Srijak in Harrisonburg, VA

Niki & Gautam in Columbus, OH

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Elizabeth & Nitin in Oyster Bay, NY

The Transportation