Industrial Outdoor Wedding at Firehouse Chicago

Couple Recessing at Winery Wedding with Guests

First Dance at Bright, Colorful Reception at Jam Handy in Detroit, Michigan

Modern-Industrial Ceremony at MyMoon in Brooklyn

Couple Making Sparkler Exit at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia

Brides Cutting Into Modern Single-Tier Cake

First Kiss at The Bowery in Amarillo, Texas

White, Navy and Gold Fondant Wedding Cakes

Industrial Outdoor Ceremony at the Georgia State Railroad Museum

Cake Table with Triangular Arch Display

Modern and Industrial Ceremony at The Cookery in Durham, North Carolina

Streamer Exit at BRIK in Fort Worth, Texas

Modern Jewish Ceremony with Ketubah

First Kiss with Guests in Circular Ceremony Setup

Classic Jewish Breaking the Glass Tradition

Simple Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Roses

Modern Ceremony at Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas

Industrial Ceremony at The Old Cigar Warehouse in Greenville, South Carolina

Modern Wedding at The Madison in Cleveland, Ohio

Cake Cutting at the Loft in the the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago

Couple Recessing at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Couple Recessing at Material Culture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania