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Brides Wearing Matching Suits and Brown Shoes

Vintage Couple Wearing Blue Suit, Sunglasses and Pink Leather Jacket

Bride with Pink Gown and Groom with Red Jacket

Bohemian Couple at Graffiti Wall in The Guild in Kansas City, MO

Couple at Strongwater, an industrial restaurant in Columbus, Ohio

Eclectic Bride and Groom at Great Divide Barrel Bar

Wythe Hotel Reception

Romantic Flower Centerpieces at Industrial Restaurant Reception

First Dance at Industrial The Joinery in Chicago

Modern Couple with Navy Suit and Mermaid Wedding Dress

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony in Industrial Venue

Wedding Party in Emerald Green and Grey

Dining Table with Soft Gray Linens and Peach and White Flowers

Eclectic Wedding Party in Jewel-Toned Attire

Roses and Stock in Low Metal Vases

Modern Rooftop First Look at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York

Rustic Bridge Centerpiece with Greenery and Roses

Bride and Groom With Vintage Cars

Industrial Reception at the District Winery in Washington, DC

Couple Outside the Lace Factory in Deep River, Connecticut

White Dining Tables with Lilac Delphiniums

Rustic Loft Reception

Industrial Recessional at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York