Interfaith Ceremony


Mountainside Wedding Ceremony in Aspen, Colorado

Father in Military Formalwear and Mother in Korean Dress Throwing Dates, Chestnuts During Paebaek Ceremony

Groom Pouring Tea During Traditional Korean Paebaek Ceremony

Floral Arch and Backdrop at Traditional Korean Paebaek Ceremony, Table and Pillows

Military Groom and Bride at Ceremony With a Floral Arch, Ombre Bridesmaids

Flower Girl in Traditional Korean Attire and Ring Bearer in Suit With Briefcase

Family Member in Sari Kisses Bride on Cheek During Colorful Indian-Persian Fusion Wedding Ceremony

Elegant Couple Participates in Hand Fasting Ceremony at Wedding, Tradition, Episcopalian Minister

Groom in Korean Paebaek Robe Smiling at Altar During Traditional Ceremony

Bride and Groom in Traditional Korean Attire at Paebaek Ceremony Sharing Customary Tea

Bride and Groom Kneeling in Korean Attire at Religious Paebaek Ceremony

Bride in Traditional Korean Hanbok Gown at Paebaek Ceremony With Floral Arch

Hand-Crafted Duck Figurines and Foods at Traditionak Paebaek Korean Ceremony Altar

Red String Being Tyed Around Couples' Wrists During Khmer Knot-Tying Ceremony

Couple at Mixed Culture Wedding Ceremony, Indian and Persian, Western, Colorful Flowers, Mandeep Altar

Catholic Priest Officiant at Garden Wedding Ceremony

Father and Mother of the Bride in Military and Korean Attire Drinking Tea at Paebaek Ceremony

Dates and Chestnuts for Custom Gender Prediction for Future Kids at Korean Ceremony

Bowl of Dates for Traditional Paebaek Korean Ceremony, Child Gender Prediction

Bride Smiles at Ceremony Guests Holding Hands With Military Groom Under Bright Flowers

Groom in "Mess Dress" Military Formalwear and Bride Laugh at Floral Altar

DIY Wooden Box With Candle for the Traditional Passing of the Blessings, Khmer Wedding

Tented Reception at the Sandbar Restaurant in Anna Maria, Florida