Jamey & Doug: An Indoor Wedding in Dallas, TX

“God definitely had a plan when he brought Doug and I together,” says Jamey. Doug was in an accident as a teenager that put him in a coma from which he wasn’t expected to recover. Miraculously, Doug did, and he went on to play Division I golf in college. His story put him on the cover of Baylor University Medical Center magazine, which is where Jamey first saw him. The Bride Jamey Koontz, 28, management engineer The Groom Doug McKeever, 26, retirement investment specialist The Date June 10 Five months later, the two happened to meet while out with friends, and Jamey recognized him from the magazine. Soon the two were an item. After a romantic at-home proposal, the two began planning a Southern-style wedding. As a child, I was fascinated by the charm of antebellum homes, hoop skirts, and parasols, Jamey explains, and this interest showed in the wedding's style. The down-home feel was dressed up with a modern color scheme of black and ivory.