Jennie & Dave: A Modern Wedding in Gainesville, GA

Sometimes first impressions aren’t everything. Jennie and David (Dave) met when they were both studying broadcasting at Central Michigan University. “I thought Dave was a little strange because he had bleached blonde hair and his entire wardrobe consisted of white T-shirts, khakis, and sandals,” Jennie says. She adds, “Meanwhile, David was hearing from his friends that I was a know-it-all and rude in class.” Luckily, the two got to spend time together on the university’s news show and realized they had a lot in common. The Bride Jennie Coakley, 30, public relations specialist The Groom David (Dave) Olshaske, 28, television producer The Date April 20 They soon began dating, but with summer vacation looming, Jennie worried they might lose touch. “Dave proceeded to call almost every day, and he visited me every weekend but two,” she says. After six years of dating, Dave proposed during a walk in Piedmont Park. The two returned to the park 16 months later to celebrate their wedding with a reception at the Piedmont Room at Park Tavern.