Jennifer & David: A Modern Wedding in Gainesville, GA

It wasn’t quite love at first sight for Jennifer and David. The pair first met at a Mexican restaurant. “David apparently had the courage of a few margaritas in him, so he walked right up to me and said ‘I just love redheads,’” Jennifer says, “and from that point forward, I knew I was going to marry that boy...just kidding.” The Bride Jennifer Johnson, 24, engineer The Groom David King, 24, engineer The Date June 2 After a few months, though, they were inseparable -- which became a scary proposition the first time David told Jennifer he loved her. “Before I had time to even react to his words, his eyes grew extremely large as if he had seen a ghost, and he turned around and ran away,” Jennifer says. “He ended up saying it again the next week, and, this time, he gave me time to respond.” After three years of dating, the couple bought a house together and David proposed. They celebrated 10 months later with a ballroom reception overlooking a lake.