Jennifer & Eric: A Traditional Wedding in Stone Mountain, GA

When a friend of eighth-grader Eric told him to ask classmate Jennifer out, he did, and she said yes—even though they didn’t know each other! Once they learned about each other, though, their relationship transformed into a serious romance. The Bride Jennifer Figueroa, 24, office administrator The Groom Eric Franco, 25, general contractor The Date May 24 Eight years later, Eric told Jennifer to get dressed up for a date he planned for the following week and said he'd pick her up. The night of the date, Eric called to say he was running late and asked her to meet him at his house instead. When she arrived, Eric was nowhere in sight, but notes led her on a tour of the house. In each room there was a surprise for her, like 50 balloons attached to cards listing different reasons why Eric loved her and a videotape of Eric professing his love for her. When she finally reached Eric, he was waiting with a ring. For their wedding a year and a half later, the couple played up their youth with a fun black, white, orange and lime color scheme.