Jennifer & Jesse: An Outdoor Wedding in Malibu, CA

When Jennifer overheard Jesse analyzing a mosaic at the UCLA Boelter Engineering Hall on the first day of school, she was attracted to his sense of humor. He was trying to determine if the person in the mosaic was Charlie Chaplin or Adolf Hitler. Compelled by the conversation, Jennifer jumped in to exclaim it was in fact Charlie Chaplin. From that day forward the two sat together in class and became close friends. The Bride Jennifer Wang, 32, event planner The Groom Jesse Torres, 32, college alumni director The Date September 22 Four years after first meeting, the couple started dating—Jesse claims that it was love at first laugh. For a surprise seven-year anniversary celebration, Jesse took Jennifer to Lake Tahoe. After a Denny's breakfast, during which Jesse forced himself to eat an entire order of Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity to mask his nervousness, they drove to Heavenly Mountain and took a gondola ride up to the top. Once on the mountainside, they began to hike up a dirt trail. At the main plateau, Jennifer handed their camera to a nearby couple to take a photo. When she turned around, Jesse was down on one knee. As they made their way back down, they received congratulations from passing hikers—their engagement news had made it all the way down the mountain! The couple planned an outdoor wedding with a, chocolate brown, burnt orange and hints of chartreuse green color scheme.