Jennifer & J.H.: A Beachfront Wedding in Carillon Beach, FL

It started out as just another bartending shift for then-college-student Jennifer, until J.H. walked into the restaurant with his loud group of friends who were determined to cheer him up after his dog passed away. The Bride Jennifer Sheppard, 33, web developer The Groom J.H. Leale, 35, motorcycle company owner The Date August 8 Jennifer was immediately drawn to the group of jokesters and found them funny. Still, J.H. used his friends' rowdiness as an excuse to apologize to Jennifer for causing such a stir, even though he knew she didn't mind and just wanted an excuse to talk to her alone. The strategy worked, and Jennifer wrote her phone number on the receipt before handing the check to J.H. Needless to say, he called, and seven years later, the couple got engaged on a sunset walk.