Jennifer & Patrick: A Summer Wedding in Eastsound, WA

When she looks back on the day that Patrick proposed to her, Jennifer finds it hard to believe that he caught her so off guard, that she was completely surprised by him. In hindsight, she says, she should have known something was up when he pulled out the bag of candy. THE BRIDE Jennifer Lynne Reahard THE GROOM Patrick Thomas Sullivan THE DATE August 5 They had driven up to Salish Lodge on a Friday afternoon because Patrick had convinced a reluctant Jennifer to accompany him on what he told her was a team-building event for his company. Spouses and significant others were invited, he told her, and they would get there early and hike down to Snoqualamie Falls before everyone else arrived. Even with the promise of the hike, Jennifer was not enthusiastic, finding the prospect of driving for an hour to have dinner with a bunch of people who, although they try not to, eventually always talk shop, not enticing. But once they were at the falls, Jennifer had to admit they were stunningly beautiful. That was when Patrick asked her if she'd like some candy, and produced a bag of Jelly Bellies, her favorite, which he had in his pocket. At this point, Jennifer explains, I should have been suspicious because he is not a sweet candy person -- he prefers bittersweet chocolate -- so the likelihood of him having these in his pocket was next to nil. To Patrick, she said, Yes, I'd love some candy, and he held out a handful of the jellybeans in the midst of which was an antique diamond ring. Can I ask you another question? he said. Will you marry me? After what Jennifer describes as a ton of smooching and hugging, he revealed that there was not, in fact, a team-building event, no shoptalk to endure. They had the weekend completely to themselves, and celebrated their engagement in a room with a hot tub, fireplace, and a private dinner with a great bottle of wine.