Jenny & Joe: A Formal Wedding in Seattle, WA

With the help of both their moms, Jenny and Joe planned their dream wedding along the Shilshole Bay. The Bride Jenny Hansson The Groom Joe Vithayathil The Date August 27 Jenny (who’s 30 and a graduate of the University of Washington) was raised in a family of diehard UW Huskies devotees. Unfortunately, the man of her dreams, Joe, 29, graduated from Washington State University, and heartily supports the Huskies’ bitter rivals -- the WSU Cougars. Nonetheless, the two loyal alumni have managed to overcome such a key difference and bond over more overwhelming similarities. Both share comparable TV news careers that, in the past, led them to work in two of the same cities. Jenny, a weekend news anchor, and Joe, a features reporter, began their careers at KNDO in Yakima but never crossed paths. Eventually, Jenny settled in San Antonio, Texas, where Joe later moved. It was here that the two finally met. “Everyone says it must be fate, and it’s hard to disagree,” says Joe. After a little less than two years, Joe proposed in Seattle, the couple’s hometown.