Jessica & Dominic: A Pink Wedding in Seattle, WA

When Dominic took a seat next to Jessica in their law school class, neither one was able to pay attention. Eventually, Jessica worked up the courage to ask Dominic to study with her, but when he showed up to meet her at Starbucks, he was without his books. The two wound up talking for hours, and two years later, Dominic proposed in Jessica's hometown of Kirkland, while on a stroll along the marina of Lake Washington. The Bride Jessica Ellinger, 30, attorney The Groom Dominic Fathy, 30, attorney The Date September 2, 2006 Although Jessica was planning the wedding from the opposite side of the country (it was a destination wedding for the couple and the groom’s family), she gave herself plenty of time -- 14 months -- and had enough help from family and friends to make it work. It wasn't hard -- I just had to be organized and flexible, she says, adding, I'm an attorney, so my job doesn't allow for a lot of creativity. Planning my wedding was somewhat of an artistic outlet for me.