Jessica & Ryan: A Vineyard Wedding in Dahlonega, GA

Jessica Larkin and Ryan Bradley found love on the playground at an elementary school in Lilburn, where she was working at the time and he was observing for a week. Feeling bad for Ryan, who happened to be the only adult male on the playground at the time, Jessica struck up a conversation. A few days after his week was up, Ryan came back for a visit, and at the end of the day one of the teachers spotted a note on Jessica’s car with Ryan’s phone number and invitation for a date. The Bride Jessica Larkin, 30, fourth-grade teacher The Groom Ryan Bradley, 28, full-time student The Date October 28 Three years later, the couple was hiking on Stone Mountain when Ryan faked an injury to his ankle. As he was crouched down, he asked Jessica to pull something from his backpack. “I opened it, and inside was a little gray box,” Jessica says. That’s when Ryan turned to her (conveniently already down on one knee) and proposed.