Jessika & Michael: A Celebrity Wedding in New York, NY

With the help of The Knot editor in chief Carley Roney and a team of wedding industry experts, Jessika Cavin and Michael Hutchinson will marry during a lavish affair inspired by Christina Aguilera's wedding. For the ceremony, Loft Eleven in New York will be draped in old world-style lush floral arrangements, while the reception area gets transformed into a winter wonderland. The Bride Jessika Cavin, 28 The Groom Michael Hutchinson, 28 The Date March 3 Jessika and Michael may have met during their sophomore year of high school, but they didn't start dating until six years later. Although the couple says that they always knew they were meant to be, the tragedies that happened soon after they started dating were definitely unexpected. First Jessika's father became terminally ill with cancer. Then Michael's mother became severely ill, which resulted in Michael donating a kidney to save her life. These obstacles made Jessika and Michael's love for one another that much stronger, and they look forward to beginning a fresh chapter of their lives together, as husband and wife. What better way to start than with a celebrity-inspired wedding planned by The Knot?