Joellynn & Trey: A Formal Wedding in New Orleans, LA

Joellynn first met Trey at flight school in Corpus Christi, Texas, but the relationship didn’t get off the ground right away so to speak. “We dated a bit then, but both of us continued to move around the country with the Navy,” Joellynn explains. The pair got back together three years later—conducting a cross-country relationship between Portland, Maine, and Washington, DC—and that Thanksgiving, Trey proposed to Joellynn in her home state of Georgia. The Bride Joellynn Schulz, 28, consultant The Groom Calvin (Trey) Jones, 29, naval aviator The DateApril 1 So where does a high-flying couple who has lived all over the country host their wedding? The answer was obvious: Trey’s hometown of New Orleans. “We really wanted a fun, energetic atmosphere with a touch of elegance,” Joellynn says. “After Katrina, we knew that we had absolutely picked the right location, since his family and guests were definitely in the mood for a good celebration, and I was anxious to show that the city was once again ready to host a good party!” French fleur-de-lis, bright colors, and bold flavors helped this couple’s wedding live up to the New Orleans motto, “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” (let the good times roll).