Joni & Chip: A Traditional Wedding in Ellaville, GA

After graduation, Joni emailed her friend from design class, Chip, about starting a mentoring program at their alma mater. Although the mentoring program didn't get off the ground, their relationship did. The Bride Joni Harrison, 27, product designer The Groom Charles (Chip) Lay, 26, designer The Date November 3 A year-and-a-half later, Joni came home to her apartment to find a love letter and a rose petal trail, which led her outdoors to where Chip was waiting. There, he gave her another letter -- a proposal with an engagement ring tied to the card. For their rustic, elegant outdoor wedding, the couple chose Joni's father's Ellaville farm. The wide-open field created a natural ceremony site, and a metal shed decked out with chandeliers and curtains was the perfect reception setup.