Jordana & David: A Formal Wedding in New York, NY

The motto Live, love, and laugh were the inspiration for Jordana and David's wedding, but they're also words the couple will live by beyond their wedding day. THE BRIDE Jordana THE GROOM David THE DATE May 9 To remember the good, to enjoy life, to love as much as possible, and laugh as much is possible is how Jordana describes this philosophy. An events planner, Jordana, 30, credits this outlook as the driving force that helped her get through losing her father and several friends on 9/11. By focusing on the positive, she and David, 37, a portfolio manager, were able to plan an exuberantly festive and celebratory day. The couple met in her apartment through mutual friends -- he was her best friend's boyfriend's best friend. A good friend said I would never meet anyone sitting on my couch ..., Jordana says -- but the friend was clearly wrong.