Joy & Sateesh: A Cultural Wedding in Orlando, FL

Joy and Sateesh ran into each other often as volunteers for a legal organization assisting low-income South Asian immigrants. They’d never really become close until they found themselves working together to plan a fundraiser. “His quick wit and sense of humor impressed me, and we spent a lot of our meeting time making each other laugh,” Joy says. The Bride Joy Kanwar, 32, attorney The Groom Sateesh Nori, 31, attorney The Date April 21 About fourteen months after they started seeing each other, the couple flew down to Orlando to see Joy’s parents for the weekend. As soon as they entered the house, Joy couldn’t believe her eyes -- there were bouquets of flowers everywhere that Sateesh had sent ahead, and before Joy could even put down her bags Sateesh turned to her parents and asked their permission to propose. She immediately went to call her sister-in-law to share the good news, and while they were on the phone, the doorbell rang -- Joy’s family and her sister-in-law had just arrived from New Orleans to share in the celebration.