Julie & Chris: A Traditional Wedding in Manhattan Beach, CA

A bit of innocent flirtation turned into so much more for Julie Moyer and Chris Schwachenwald. The two were working on different projects in the same building when Julie became friends with one of Chris’ colleagues. “Chris started asking questions about me,” remembers Julie. “We would flirt a lot, but nothing happened.” When Chris moved on to another job, the flirtation continued through email. They finally decided to go on a date, and each was smitten from that point forward. The Bride Julie Moyer, 35, television executive The Groom Chris Schwachenwald, 32, television producer The Date June 2 Fourteen months later, a Fourth of July trip to Julie’s parents’ home in Cape Cod presented the ideal opportunity for a proposal -- or so Julie thought. “I thought he would propose at the fireworks ceremony, but nothing,” she says. It turns out he was waiting for a bit of privacy, and he proposed the very next night when they were alone.