Julie Grace & Ramsey: A Traditional Wedding in Altadena, CA

When Julie Grace and Ramsey met at a church festival 16 years ago, neither could have guessed the huge role they’d play in each other’s lives -- or the role that very same festival would play in their engagement. After Julie Grace and Ramsey began dating, they kept attending the festival where they’d met every year. The Bride Julie Grace Paras, 30, physician’s assistant The Groom Ramsey Nassar, 34, design manager The Date September 30 Fifteen years later, the couple was at the festival again, but this time Ramsey had been in touch with its planning committee. After he was called on stage with a group of Irish step dancers, Ramsey asked Julie Grace to join him, and there he proposed. “She said yes,” Ramsey says, “and the Rolling Stones probably never had such an uproarious cheer like the one we received!”