Juowei & Eric: An Outdoor Wedding in Malibu, CA

While walking along the beach in Malibu one day, Juowei and Eric saw a private party being held at the Adamson House Museum and immediately thought it would be the perfect place to get married. The Bride Juowei Lee, 33 and a graphic designer The Groom Eric Lin,, 32 and a project manager for a web design business The Date June 25 Although Juowei and Eric grew up minutes away from each other in Taipei, Taiwan, they never crossed paths until college -- halfway across the globe at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was Juowei’s first day of school when she spotted Eric at the bookstore. “I was nervous in this completely new world,” she says, “but when I saw Eric I got this unexplainable comfortable feeling.” He invited her to a Chinese Moon Festival party where he taught her how to cook fried rice, and the two have remained together ever since. Ten years later, while they were living in Los Angeles, Eric secretly arranged for their closest friends and family to fly in from all over the world -- Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and New York City -- for Juowei’s 31st birthday. On a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise, Juowei looked down to see all of her surprise guests holding a banner that read “Will you marry me?” Eric was kneeling behind her with a ring, and soon they were off on their next journey as husband and wife.