Karen & Rick: A Tented Wedding in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Karen met Rick through mutual friends after a University of Michigan/Notre Dame football game, and the two soon became an item. After they’d been dating for almost two years, Rick took the traditional route and arranged lunch with Karen’s father to ask for his blessing before taking the next step. The Bride Karen Bowman, 41, event consultant The Groom Rick Williams, 67, attorney The Date August 16 When he got the green light, Rick bought a ring and called his children to let them know his plans. The night of the proposal, he picked up Karen and took her to dinner. He’d planned to present the engagement ring in dramatic fashion but when he decided to call Karen’s mother beforehand to tell her the good news, Karen overheard the phone conversation! When Rick hung up, Karen reminded him that he hadn’t asked her yet, so he proposed. Lucky for him, she accepted.