Kate & Paul: A Modern Wedding in Plymouth, MI

An unconventional couple deserves an unconventional wedding -- and Kate Silvio and Paul Martus got just that. The two artists came to know each other in ceramics and foundry classes at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and were friends for several years before getting serious. The Bride Kate Silvio, 29, sculptor and metal instructor The Groom Paul Martus, 29, furniture designer and teacher The Date September 9 Their wedding was planned during Kate’s first year of graduate work for her Masters in Fine Arts at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. “We didn’t want it to look like a ‘normal’ wedding,” Kate says. So to pull off a gorgeous, “modernist” affair for about 265 guests -- while still leaving Kate plenty of time to work on getting her degree -- the couple enlisted the help of their families, as well as friends Craig Darr and Kathleen Loesch, two Michigan-based event planners. “They were absolutely amazing, and I was very thankful to have their help.”