Katherine & Matt: A Summer Wedding in Durham, NC

Katherine and Matthew (Matt) fell in love as college freshmen and dated steadily all the way through graduation. After college they had talked about getting married and looked at rings, but Katherine had no idea when Matt would propose. Matt says his only criteria for the proposal was “utter shock,” and before long the perfect circumstance arose. The Bride Katherine Younger, 25, public relations The Groom Matthew (Matt) Monson, 24, financial consultant The Date June 2 The couple’s close friends, Casey and Micah, became engaged on a Friday evening, and the following Sunday they got together to celebrate. Casey had been entrusted to return Matt’s college ring, which he’d accidentally lost weeks earlier, and when she gave it to him he said, “Well, looks like everyone has a ring now.” Katherine turned to him and said, “Well, not everyone has a ring….” But before the words escaped her mouth, Matt was already down on one knee.