Kathleen & John: A Destination Wedding in Kauai, HI

When Kathleen's friend wanted to swing by a local steakhouse one night to say a quick hello to a few people, Kathleen wasn't too keen on the idea. I just wanted to hang out with my girlfriends, she says. But being a good friend, Kathleen agreed. As luck would have it, she spotted a handsome guy standing with the group. They started chatting and realized that they'd grown up in the same neighborhood and gone to the same middle school. The two went on a couple of dates after that, and seven months later started dating steadily. The Bride Kathleen Kennedy, 39, owner of a communications firm The Groom John Ferris, 41, advanced vehicle planning manager The Date February 16 For Valentine's Day about a year-and-a-half later, the couple went out for a romantic dinner (at the steakhouse where they'd first met). Kathleen really hoped John would propose that night and secretly looked everywhere for a ring -- in her steak, in the dessert, even in her wineglass. She was disappointed on the drive home, but John had a surprise waiting. When they arrived at Kathleen's house, he asked her to marry him. The couple planned an island-inspired wedding in Hawaii.