Katie & Brent: A Winter Wedding in Cincinnati, OH

College sweethearts Katie and Brent met through mutual friends during fall break. By the time spring break rolled around the two were officially a couple. “One night, I fell asleep watching a movie,” remembers Katie. “Before Brent went to bed he kissed me on my forehead and, thinking I was still asleep, said, ‘Some day I am going to make you my wife.’” The Bride Katie Behlert (now 22 and a project director) The Groom Brent Kruithof (now 23 and a public accountant) The Date December 15 Two years later, he kept to his word and proposed to Katie during a meticulously planned moment at a movie theater. Just after the credits stopped rolling, another movie started to play, one starring Katie and Brent showing clips from their courtship. When the short film was over, Brent got down on one knee.