Katie & John: A Garden Wedding in Leonard, MI

Katie Sullivan’s courtship to John Wenner was truly a family affair. “A lot of people played a part in our coming together,” says Katie. The Bride Katie Sullivan, a 26-year-old nanny The Groom John Wenner, a 26-year-old engineer The Date June 3 Their older brothers, Sean and David, are good friends, and one night Sean introduced Katie to John at a bar in downtown Mt. Clemens. A few weeks later, Katie told John’s cousin she thought he was cute. “She immediately relayed that to him!” exclaims Katie. Ten months later, when John planned to propose, he went to Katie’s parents for their blessing and her mother convinced him to pop the question earlier than he had planned (on Christmas). So one Saturday morning in early December, John served Katie breakfast in bed and brought in their cat, Jake, with a red ribbon and something sparkly tied around his neck. “I went to hit the ‘bell’ to hear it jingle, clueless it was a ring. But before I could, Jake took off down the hall!” says Katie. “John had to chase him down and bring the ring back to me.” Needless to say, both families were delighted.