Katie & Jonas: A Fall Wedding in Calistoga, CA

When Katie met Jonas at a wedding in 2002, her first impulse was to set him up with a friend of hers. Luckily, Katie soon realized that she didn’t want to play cupid: “After talking to Jonas for a while, I decided that I wanted to be set up with him!” says Katie. Later that night, Jonas cut in when Katie was dancing with a friend, and he and Katie began dating soon after. The Bride Katie Nelson, 29, real estate agent The Groom Jonas Moe, 30, software product manager The Date October 2 Two years later, during a weekend getaway to the Mendocino coast, Jonas asked Katie to watch the sunset. When she opened the door of their cottage, Katie was met by a trail of roses leading to a cliff overlooking the ocean, each with a note attached that recounted a favorite memory from their relationship. On the last rose was the piece of paper on which Katie had written her name and phone number the night they met, and it was when she looked at it that Jonas dropped to one knee as the sun set.